bagel stack

The Story of Bagel & Bean

Owners Cory and Heather Smart have a history and love for food, entertaining and of course BAGELS!

Cory entered the restaurant industry out of high school, eventually becoming an Executive Chef, never a baker but most definitively a successful Chef. 

Heather has worked in the restaurant industry all of her adult life as well, with a focus on the "front of house" and customer relationships.

Both worked for the same food service corporation where they were able to work alongside restaurateurs fulfilling their passion for food. Early in their relationship the two dated for a year while living over five hours apart. When Heather would head up North to Humboldt County to visit Cory there was one stop that was made EVERY TRIP- Los Bagels! It was the one restaurant that them and their three boys (his two/her one) could all easily agree on. 

Once Cory moved to Placer County for work and to marry the love of his life in June 2015 he fell in love with the area. They settled in Lincoln which was a perfect combination of what each wanted in a community; small town feel for Cory and accessibility and proximity to friends and family for Heather. However, the two always said something was missing in Lincoln…BAGELS! Cory had a desire and opportunity to leave the corporate world to take the time to find what he wanted to do, to find his passion and control his destiny.


That leads us to Bagel and Bean...

One beautiful October afternoon, Cory sat his wife down and said, "I want to open a bagel shop." Knowing her husband and what he's capable of, and since she's NOT one to waste any time, the two went searching for locations that same afternoon. Their family and friends have eaten many an ugly bagel supporting Cory in his quest for the best recipe! Remember, he was a Chef, so baking was a new adventure and challenge! 

Cory is the baker, decision maker and the brain of the business, Heather is the "vision" of the business. She runs the social media and marketing aspect, and has an eye for design which has been fun designing the look and feel of the shop.

When not working on Bagel and Bean, you can find the two at one of the many Lincoln local breweries or taprooms, watching some version of basketball (Warriors or their son play) or football, enjoying a meal in with their "Lincoln Family" or more times than not; hanging with their dogs. They are excited to welcome you to their shop and share their passion for incredible bagels and coffee with you and your families.