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Bagel & Bean

Deli Sandwich


Choice of meat and cheese. Served with lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Bagel Options (Select 1):Plain Bagel Everything Bagel Sesame Bagel Garlic Bagel Onion Bagel Poppyseed Bagel Salt Bagel Hot Cheetos Bagel Fruity Pebbles Bagel Oreo Bagel Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Blueberry Bagel Asiago Bagel Jalapeño Cheddar Bagel Whole Wheat Bagel Rainbow Bagel GF Plain Bagel +$1.99
Toast Style (Select 1):Toasted Not Toasted Double Toasted
Cheese Options (Select 1):Cheddar Mozzarella Swiss Pepper Jack No Cheese
Deli Sandwich Meat (Select 1):Bacon Turkey Sausage Ham Turkey Pastrami +$0.99Tuna Salad Impossible Sausage +$0.99Lox +$5.49No Meat
Meat Addition(s) (Optional):Bacon +$2.99Turkey Sausage +$2.99Ham +$2.99Turkey +$2.99Tuna Salad +$2.99Impossible Sausage +$3.99Lox +$7.99Egg +$2.49Pastrami +$3.99
Fruit or Veggies (Optional):Add Lettuce +$0.49Add Tomato +$0.49Add Red Onion +$0.49Add Pickled Red Onion +$0.99Add Carrots +$0.49Add Cucumber +$0.49Add Green Onion +$0.49Add Spinach +$0.49Add Capers +$0.49Add Seasonal Berry +$0.99Add Banana +$0.99Add Avocado +$0.99
Spreads (Optional):Add Mayonnaise Add Yellow Mustard Add Gulden's Mustard Add Peanut Butter +$0.99Add Jalapeno Jelly +$0.99Add Mustard Dill Sauce +$0.99Add "Phoenix" Chipotle Sauce +$0.99Add Nutella +$0.99Add Honey Add Jelly Add Butter Add Balsamic Glaze +$0.49
Cream Cheese Additions:Bananas Foster Cream Cheese +$0.99Cookies and Cream Cream Cheese +$0.99Dilly Dilly Cream Cheese +$0.99Funfetti Cream Cheese +$0.99Jalapeno Popper Cream Cheese +$0.99Lox Cream Cheese +$0.99Pesto Cream Cheese +$0.99Piña Colada Cream Cheese +$0.99Plain Cream Cheese +$0.99Scallion Cream Cheese +$0.99Strawberry Cream Cheese +$0.99Sun Dried Tomato Cream Cheese +$0.99

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