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Espresso, Coffee, Tea, and More - Everyday Menu
Bagel & Bean


Coffee blended with vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream. 
Please make sure and select any flavors below you would like added!

Small $6.49Large $6.99
Espresso Mods (optional):Add Shot +$0.99Decaf Iced Hazelnut Syrup +$0.49Vanilla Syrup +$0.49SF Vanilla Syrup +$0.49Peppermint Syrup +$0.49Creme de Menthe Syrup +$0.49Pumpkin Spice +$0.49Chocolate Sauce +$0.99White Chocolate Sauce +$0.99Caramel Sauce +$0.99Whip +$0.99
Fruit Purees (optional):Mango Puree +$0.99Peach Puree +$0.99Strawberry Puree +$0.99Wildberry Puree +$0.99